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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a powerful mapping and analysis tool for land trusts seeking to conserve nature, enhance communities and support rural economies and culture.

GreenInfo Network, a non-profit technology organization that helps other public interest groups with GIS, created this web site as primer for how to best make use of GIS technology.

The information in this web site is mainly organized according to your capacity with GIS:

  • Basic - for those who are just learning (or want to learn) GIS, or have been using it occasionally for short periods of time
  • Advanced - for those who have actively used GIS and may have had college-level training or other courses
  • Expert - for those who have a number of years actively using GIS for challenging projects


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Now available:  Factsheet on Best GIS Practices for Land Trusts (PDF, 244kb, screen resolution)

Site status:  No major updates are scheduled for LandTrustGIS at this time. While most information is still reasonably current, there may be occasional web links and references that are not fully up to date.  If you have suggestions for how to secure financial support of this site or for other functions we should consider, please contact us.  Thanks!   

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Land Trust GIS is co-sponsored by the Land Trust Alliance and GreenInfo Network, as a service to all land trusts.

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